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How do we #BreakTheCycle of violence? Victims, survivors, thrivers, allies, community members, families, friends, offenders have different roles and ways to help #BreakTheCycle of violence.

Our communities can break the cycle of violence, through trauma-informed and violence informed COMMUNITIES that EMPOWER VICTIMS, provide TOOLS FOR ALLIES to SUPPORT VICTIMS (and NOT EMBOLDEN PERPETRATORS.)

Victims and Survivors

You are beautiful, intelligent and amazing. When you begin to doubt yourself, take a moment to #Breathe and #GroundYourself. When you are in crisis or survival mode, you are no longer able to think.

There are many resources available for you to #BreakTheCycle.

You are beautiful, intelligent and amazing!

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Friends and Community

What can you do when your friends or loved ones are victims or offenders? Should you say something? Should you ignore it? You have a variety of options for responding to the situation. What will you choose?

Learn more about violence, victimization, and being trauma-informed. Learn more about what you can control, influence, and what is truly only of concern.

Learn More – Coming Soon!

Perpetrators and Offenders

You’ve exploded again and word vomited over someone who loves you. You may have done it intentionally. You may have done it unwittingly. You may not know why you did it.

You have a choice: To continue with violent activities, or to stop the violence.

Learn more – Coming Soon!

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